Grupo Holistica | Flagship Gaelic crisis tackles dangers of using the internet adolescent relations in sexting storyline
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15 Ene Flagship Gaelic crisis tackles dangers of using the internet adolescent relations in sexting storyline

Flagship Gaelic crisis tackles dangers of using the internet adolescent relations in sexting storyline

The i newsletter cut through the noise

But she subsequently discovers that Calum, the man she has become sharing specific selfies with via an online software, just isn’t just who she thinks they are.

The makers of Bannan say they would like to portray the aˆ?darknessaˆ? in fact it is frequently lurking in isolated communities, but is hardly ever represented on film or tvs.

They even hope the brand new series sugar daddy dating sites, which will get underway on 21 Sep, will highlight the potential pitfalls and potential risks for teenagers that developing right up in isolated communities in Highlands and isles, however they are immersed in a full world of social networking and online internet dating programs.

Chris teenage, just who setup a manufacturing organization for the Sleat area of Skye in order to get Bannan up and running in 2013, mentioned there seemed to be a wish to have the program to supply an alternative to the aˆ?cosy and nostalgicaˆ? depictions in the Highlands and Islands.

He mentioned: aˆ?We wanted to demonstrate that contemporary problem like internet based sex basically as appropriate and remarkable right here because they’re in any urban environment. We’re discovering newer area and informing new tales.

The BBC’s leading Gaelic crisis is rotate the limelight in the perils for youths in online dating with a storyline emphasizing a schoolgirl pulled into sending specific imagery of by herself to anybody this lady has never ever fulfilled

aˆ?The online are a substantial element of lives for the Highland and Islands, and has altered a lot of people’s live your much better, but there is a downside because it can in addition deliver danger.aˆ?

Movie director Mairead Hamilton, whom additionally produces for Bannan, said: aˆ?Over the years we have been wanting to press the borders with every show. We are getting braver with every show and it’s certainly been acquiring darker in build.

aˆ?This particular storyline recommended challenges whilst was about sexting and as Meredith got 14 at the time it absolutely was recorded and she had been clearly under-age.

aˆ?we’d to be sure absolutely nothing untoward ended up being shown, plus we’d to make certain that she got secured at each and every aim, ensuring she considered extremely comfy and protected.aˆ?

aˆ?On Bannan, we become a lot of rehearsal times. I was in a position to query the girl about scenarios at school with her very own friends and whether she could affix real life situations on the storyline.

aˆ?Your adolescent years become a tremendously tumultuous energy. You will be learning a whole lot about your self and trying to get understand your self and read who you really are, but your friends bring an enormous impact on you nicely.

Brook, who may have starred in Bannan for the past four years, said: aˆ?after programs happened to be provided for me personally i simply think it is truly intriguing and interesting which they got come up with a real-life current problem that individuals could relate with. They felt like a storyline i really could really jump into.

aˆ?A large thing for my generation is that you’re now capable have actually a relationship that way thus conveniently without encounter the other person. This is the more terrifying thing. To numerous my people in my personal generation and generation which style of regular now. Calum may be the only one that Ceitidh feels she will speak to. She seems that she will be able to really open to him.aˆ?

Bannan creator Laura MacLennan said: aˆ?Ceitidh’s storyline is extremely existing and actual. The web and social media marketing have evolved much within the last few fifteen years, but there are plenty perils, in spite of how experienced people think these are generally. Folks are getting decidedly more innovative within their methods for deceiving men and women into considering these are typically things they are not.

aˆ?I hope teenagers staying in area forums will really engage the storyline. It is really not the typical look at lives that individuals witnessing mirrored on display, which tends to be extremely stereotypical and quite twee. There are many darkness that lurks throughout these communities, but it is not depicted very often.aˆ?

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